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Top 10 Myths About Professional Carpet Cleaning

You may have heard some myths in connection with carpet cleaning services. Most of these misconceptions have the potential to dissuade you from using carpet cleaning experts when it comes to all-purpose carpet care. Amateurs could have created some of these stories in this line of work, or it could have been because of poor service delivery. This has led a lot of people to begin to distrust carpet cleaners and their ability to assist clients in maintaining the durability of carpets. Carpets need a lot of care as well as appropriate maintenance if you want them to last longer. It is important, therefore, to dispel these myths for anyone who desires proper carpet maintenance services to take advantage of them.

The following are ten myths about carpet cleaning and why professionals should do it:

When I Clean My Carpets, They Will Become Dirtier

Nothing is farther than the truth. This can only happen if your carpets are not cleaned properly. But if you enlist Seattle Professional Carpet Cleaners, then nothing like that will happen to your carpet. In fact, your carpet will stay clean longer because authentic cleaning agents are used, which will rinse out the soil and leave your carpet free of any form of residue.

Too Much Vacuuming Damages the Carpet

Modern-day carpets are designed to withstand a lot of vacuuming, but some vacuum cleaners may be too belligerent for daily use. But the truth of the matter is that nearly all vacuum cleaners can frequently be used when cleaning carpets. But the best way to maintain carpets for the majority of homes is to vacuum at least once every week. Everclean Northwest Seattle carpet cleaning professionals know how to handle such tasks, using state-of-the-art vacuuming equipment that gets more than 90% of soil out of the carpets, even if they require daily vacuuming as is the case for business premises and high-traffic locale.

When You Use Steam for Carpet Cleaning, Mildew or Mold Will Develop

Inappropriate cleaning of carpets could lead to the growth of mildew or mold in your carpets. It is not advisable for your carpets to be soaked and left for days, which is usually the handiwork of shoddy service. Bacteria thrives in a wet environment, and leaving your carpet sopping wet creates the right environment for bacteria to develop. Therefore, ensure that you engage the services of professional carpet cleaners who will never leave your carpets dripping.

My Carpet Looks Clean and Doesn’t Require Cleaning

You may be surprised, but some carpets are excellent when it comes to camouflaging lots of dirt, which could eventually result in loss of color and fiber protection and look worn. Regular carpet cleaning is essential to prevent these blowbacks.

I Own a Carpet Cleaning Machine, So It’s Not Necessary to Hire Professionals

Professional carpet cleaning machines have more suction power than home machines, and are more efficient in removing carpet stains. Everclean Northwest Seattle Professional Carpet Cleaners make use of the latest carpet cleaning devices to ensure your carpet becomes clean.

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I Don’t Have a Lot Of Money To Pay Professionals

If you opt for cheap services, you will definitely get what you paid for, and that is shoddy work from non-professionals. Excellent services never come cheap or else your carpet could end up being worse off when you use cheap carpet cleaners.

My Carpet Doesn’t Need Cleaning. After All, It’s Only A Year Old

Most homeowners are under the false impression that it is not good to clean new carpets, especially those that are six months to one year old. The unfortunate thing is that lots of damage to the protective fiber covering could have occurred before the dirt or soil in the carpet becomes visible.

I can Clean My Carpets Using Stain Removals

A majority of the removal products that gets rid of spots or stains on carpets are full of harsh chemicals which do more harm than good to your carpet.

Deodorizers Can Clean My Carpets

Most powder products or deodorizers are composed majorly of talcum powder, which is not soluble in water and will, as a result, accumulate due to repeated usage. This creates a lot of complications for experts, such as Seattle Professional Carpet Cleaners, when they make use of proper carpet cleaning techniques. When the carpet is in the process of getting dried, the residual powder creates white stains on the carpet that is not possible to eliminate.

Carpets Trigger Off Allergies

This is not entirely correct because a lot of things like dander (i.e. minute particles from the hair or feathers of pets) or dust are primarily responsible for the allergic reactions that people suffer from. Therefore, it is important for you always to ensure that your carpet undergoes proper maintenance procedures and this is possible when you make use of carpet cleaning services in Seattle.

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  1. Thanks for settling these things for me. We really need our carpets cleaned but I always though the home cleaner was good enough. But this stain in the carpets just doesn’t seem to fade.

  2. It’s good to be made aware that stain removals can do more harm than good to my carpet. I’ll make sure to remember your pieces of advice. Tomorrow, I’ll contact a carpet cleaning service for professional aid. Thanks for the enlightening article!

  3. Absolutely first class service. Very professional and great customer care. Have used previously and will do so again and certainly highly recommend

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